We are now open!


4am-10pm M-F
6am-3pm Sat
7am-2pm Sun

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  • Dumbbell Area

    Our dumbbell area features iron dumbbells up to 110lbs, and adjustable, flat, and shoulder press benches.

  • Squat Rack Area

    We have two squat racks. One full cage and one half rack with an Olympic lifting platform. (We will be adding another deadlift platform soon!)

  • Bench Presses

    We have two Olympic bench presses and an Olympic incline bench press. All benches have spotter decks, the flat benches also have adjustable rack heights and face gaurds.

  • Reloaded Machines

    The Reloaded machines are all plate loaded and include: Chest Press, Incline Chest Press, Incline Fly, Shoulder Press, and a Chest Supported Row.

  • Selectorized Machines

    Our selectorized machines include: inner/outer thigh, glute kick back, leg extension, lying leg curl, pec deck, and lateral raise machines.

  • Lower Body Machines

    The lower body machines include: Bilateral Leg Press, Hip Thrust, Belt Squat, and Power Squat machines.

  • Cable Cross Over

    6 station cable cross over, lat pulldown, and seated cable row.

  • Cardio

    Cardio equipment includes: Turf for sleds, slam balls, kettlebells, sand bags up to 150lbs, battle ropes, Rogue Echo bike, Woodway Runner, Stair Master, Concept Rower, and more to come soon.

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